Dette er en blogg som skal prøve å sette politisk økonomi på dagsorden. Noen av de skarpeste unge hjerner skal settes i sving for å skape samfunnsdebatt rundt politiske og økonomiske ideer og hendelser.

Nå trenger vi folk som vil være med å bidra. Alle som har en faglig interesse rundt politikk og økonomi, for ikke å snakke om politisk økonomi er hjertelig velkmone til å joine. Hvis dere vil være med, send meg en mail eller kommenter på denne siden, så skal vi ordne en konto til dere 🙂

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  1. I want to introduce a sector now completely unknown in Norway ,
    but to day particularly in the south of the coutry you can already start .
    The sector is the full technological cycle current silk.
    describe the cycle to make the idea of how many jobs can be formed.
    and the reasons becouse you can be started immediately .

    a)cultivation of the most suitable type of white mulberry
    b)use of mulberry as a stabilizer of land
    c)use of the fresh leaves for silkworm
    d)use of the fresh leaves for chow for silkworm
    ( winter breeding)
    e) breeding silkworm for the silk
    f) breeding silkworm for protein chow for fish and other animals
    a) bouretta – anti-inflammatoty products
    b) fibroina – vascular prostheses , menbrane repair cornes,
    contact lenses last generation .
    sericina pigments-carotenoids -flavonoids, antixosidants antibacterial products
    (areabeauty creams).
    c) deoxinojirimicina (dnj) – tables for cholesterol
    d)protection vaccines with capsules silk protein
    e)biodegradable implantable sensor for diseases, like diabetes
    f)usa of the fresh leaves for other medical products
    a)studies get better quality of the white mulberry
    b)studies get better quality of the silkworm
    (there are ongoing studies to breed silkworm with spider wire
    which produces a thinner and more resisted to twisting)
    c)humans compatibility of the silk , studies for allergy products
    d) use of the transenic silkwrom for collagen.
    a) types of the silk weaving
    b) tratments of the silk ( this year the italian faschion includes silk
    treated wich silicon )-silk production is the key to the field of high fashion
    is just as drawn to Italy and France .
    c)antiallergic products for healt sector
    machines for the manufactures silk in general
    The reasons that today can activate it , are:
    a) climate change
    b) demonstration that some plants of Mulberry , already living in Norway ,mulberry is not an alien plant .
    c) availability of land and water without pollution , technology and funding .
    d) that the rest of the conditions that bound a specific area in the past , have changed.
    1) breeding silkwrom no longer linked to the rerritory but in specific buildings conditioned .
    2) possibility of energy for the industry in every place .
    Sure that Norway will not have to compete with China but do what you do today US and Japan certainly yes.I think to start a small plantation Mulberry with its experimental breeding of silkworms in your territory suitable, can be done costs are contained .UE already founds for the breeding of silkworms , more , with the plantations of mulberry you improves the quality
    of CO2 and the soil erosion.
    The mulberry tree is a tree native to the Himalayas with a good frost resistance .
    Are available for an informal chat .

    Eio Contratti
    1341 Slependen

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