CSR implementation in the EU av

June 22nd, 2009

Ever since the “explosion” of interest groups from the 1980s, the European Union (and especially the European Commission) have somewhat welcomed “lobbyistic” approaches that have emerged. The European Commission view this type of lobbyism as an important element for increasing their democratic legitimacy. However, not all lobbyists are capable to have their saying in a policy process such as the CSR implementation. What has become more evident over a period stretching from 2001 until 2007 is that strong and powerful lobbyists (especially business interest organisations) are more capable in shaping the debate and proposals than those who are “unequipped” in competing on equal ground. In light of this, pluralistic approaches have often been used, however, I ask the question if we are beginning to convert over to a more elitist pluralism in the CSR policy process. In light of this, I have written a paper that might be of some interest for you :o)

CSR within the European Union

Om forfatteren:  Politisk økonom og rekrutterer med erfaring fra headhuntervirksomhet og sitter i dag i et internasjonalt olje og gass selskap.

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